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Reviews for Derik Sanders, DC

Felt Validated

I loved that Dr. Sanders did not distrust my instincts, made me feel validated, and made me feel like I could pay attention to my own body even without my own PhD. I did not feel dismissed nor belittled in any way like most doctors make me feel

Best Chiropractor!

Best chiropractor I’ve ever been to! In-depth, knowledgeable and actually helped me.

Exceeded My Expectations

I had been in the long time care of a chiropractor in my hometown for almost 35 years, so after moving to Austin a year and a half ago, I had been dreading trying to find someone that I could trust. Dr. Sanders exceeded my expectations in just the first visit and I’m so happy and relieved to have found someone so capable and caring. He really spends the time getting to know what your body needs and I felt so much better after just one visit.

No Surgery for Me!

When I came to see Dr. Derik, I had a sharp pain in my left arm and it was very weak. Some people had suggested surgery but, my friend Deb said “No, call Dr. Derik”. I am sooooo glad that I did. Today, I am pain free and I see him regularly to remain that way! Dr. Derik ROCKS!

Truly Caring

We love and appreciate the personalized care we receive with Dr. Derik and the front office staff. He’s made himself accessible outside of office hours when my son was injured and needed to be seen. It’s always been obvious to us that Dr. Derik truly cares about our overall health and well-being and that’s why we think driving the distance to see him for our family chiropractic care is absolutely worth it!

Thorough Approach to Health

After visiting several other chiropractors in the past, I have now been working with Dr. Derik Sanders for several years. Both Dr. Derik embodies impeccable character and integrity and offer me a more thorough approach to my overall health. Not only have some chronic neck and back issues been resolved, but by combining gentle chiropractic protocols with applied kinesiology, I have been able to address other previously undiagnosed health issues including food allergies and stress. His approach is very individually focused, carefully explained and they always follow up to see how I’m doing! They are true gems in our current crazy health care world. I can’t recommend them more highly!

Continuous Improved Health

I have had the privilege of being a 10 year client of Dr. Derik Sanders. He has assisted with helping me overcome numerous conditions and I have had continuous improved health. His adjustments and guidance with nutrition, oils and emotional support have given me confidence during my health challenges. It is always easy to secure an appointment and his fees are reasonable. I would always recommend his services to my family and friends.

Balanced And Fit

I have been going to Dr. Derik for over 10 years. He keeps me young and pain free! The thorough care and attention that I receive from Dr. Derik has helped me both physically and mentally. Dr. Derik takes time with me. The quality of care I receive keeps me feeling balanced and fit.

Dr. Derik is a rock star!

I have lived all over the world and experienced a wide range of techniques and temperaments from chiropractors; Dr. Derik is exceptional! He is masterful at doing spinal manipulations with minimal invasiveness. His manner is authentically caring and honors where the patient is coming from. The staff at Dr. Derik’s office, are likewise, caring and capable. It is easy to get an appointment and they are happy to accommodate last minute requests whenever possible.

Strongest Recommendation

I have been receiving chiropractic care for over 25 years and during this time, I have been treated by 8 different doctors, each with their own techniques and philosophies. Over these years, I have not encountered a level of care comparable to the one provided to me by Dr. Derik Sanders. Dr. Derik shows genuine interest in my ailments and truly takes the time to explain the process to me in a way that I can understand. I am 100% at ease when being treated by Dr. Derik and always leave feeling better than when I arrived. Dr Derik Sanders has my strongest recommendation to anyone seeking chiropractic care!!!

Living Life Again

The pain from a car wreck I had as a teenager became more and more painful as I aged. Sadly, I couldn’t hold my new granddaughter for more than a few minutes. The pain and discomfort also limited my ability to do leisurely activities such as gardening, a passion of mine. Today, thanks to the treatments I have received from Dr. Derik, I can now garden and hold my granddaughter for hours.
-Tennia B.

Comprehensive Care

Dr. Derik Sanders routinely adjusts, and have provided care for, three (3) generations of my family for over ten (10) years. The care that is extended to us is comprehensive and tailored to the needs of the individual. Whether our symptoms are from degenerative conditions (with my 85- year old mother), sports related injuries (with my teenage son and 11- year old daughter), or routine, everyday maladies (my husband and I), Dr. Derik finds a way to give us the relief we seek.

Talented and Gifted

I wasn’t improving much after a certain point with my previous chiropractor following an auto accident. After my auto accident I had quite a bit of neck pain and difficulty gripping objects with my right hand. This was affecting my work because it wouldn’t allow me to climb into the tractor that I was operating very well. Since seeing Dr. Sanders my hand grip has totally recovered and my neck pain is almost gone. Dr. Derik Sanders is the best chiropractor I’ve ever encountered. He is beyond talented, he is gifted.
-George A.

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